Rejecting the Nihilism of「隠れ蓑」

How does someone begin to identify the hidden fascist sentiments that permeate their culture in order to reject them? How do they discover the object of ideology that is sacred to the point of irrationalism? What idea or structure in our culture operates under what Nobel Prize winner Kenzaburō Ōe has referred to as a 隠れ蓑 (kakuremino) or ‘magic cloak of invisibility’ in reference to the Emperor System of Japan, something which allows the wearer to go unexamined yet continue to thrive?

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Graham Dethmers
HBO's Silicon Valley: How Satire Became Celebration

When news broke a handful of years ago that Mike Judge would transpose his trademark American-workplace satire onto California’s tech industry in HBO’s Silicon Valley, it seemed a salve for a public baffled, irked, and wounded by tech capitalism. Yet Silicon Valley hasn’t proven itself a sendup so much as a celebration.

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Julianne Tveten